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REVIEW: Fall Out Boy at CSU Wolstein Center – 9/11/13

Fall Out Boy returned to Cleveland with every intention to Save Rock and Roll.

However, they might have left the rock and roll capitol unfulfilled. Read More…


Concert Review: Third Eye Blind At House Of Blues 12.28.12

Third Eye Blind

Before Third Eye Blind hit the stage last night at the House of Blues, the lights dropped. Unfortunately, they would remain that way for a majority of their set.

However, the sold-out crowd lit up the room with vibrant excitement for the San Francisco group headed by 48-year old Stephan Jenkins. Read More…

Smashing Pumpkins Review

Not wanting to classify it a “nostalgic” concert, I’d say last night’s Smashing Pumpkins’ show was an excellent combination of classic hits, deep cuts, and newer material, and a great launch to their first tour since 2008.

The line began to form close to 5pm, and by 7 it had wrapped itself around E.4th St., passed the ‘Bodies’ exhibit and House of Blues restaurant confirming the SOLD OUT signs posted on the House of Blues Doors. Finally around 10:15pm, Billy Corgan took the stage with another new lineup that featured much younger members including another female bass player named Nicki. Let’s just say she was more than capable of filling the shoes of Ginger Pooley or D’arcy Wretzky in both the looks and talent departments.

Hitting the classic radio cuts like ‘Bullet with Butterfly Wings’, ‘Disarm’, ‘1979’ , and ‘Cherub Rock’, the Pumpkins satisfied both the early and trendier fans before digging up songs from the Zeitgeist album like ‘That’s the Way my Love is’ and ‘Tarantula’ along with a new song they’re calling ‘Freak’ that required some audience participation.  ‘Tonight, tonight’ was easily the highlight of the night that sent chills over most of the overheated crowd.

I rank this show in my top 5 of the year. The energy was great along with the sound and lights and a much better crowd response than that in West Hollywood on June 30.

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