Motley Crue Planning 2014 Farewell Tour

Motley Crue may only show their wild side for one more big tour.

In an interview with Billboard, vocalist Vince Neil spoke of “going out on top,” Mick Mars’ health issues, and future music.

The 52-year old Neil says, “I think we’ll start the tour around May — I’m just kind of guessing on that, but in the spring of ’14, and we’ll do one more time around the world and kinda call it quits. It’s just that time. We’re going out on top.”

Neil then spoke of a factor to which might hinder other future plans – Mick Mar’s health issues. The guitarist suffers from ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis, and had a hip replacement surgery in 2004. Neil says, “Touring is tough on him, so this’ll give him some time to relax.”

Mars responded to the allegations on Twitter:

Bassist Nikki Sixx then added his two, er, six cents:

Still, 2014 won’t be the absolute end for Crue, with possibilities to reunite in the future.

“I’m sure in five, 10 years from now we’ll probably do something again together, if other people’s careers don’t get in the way,” Neil said.

Crue’s frontman said to expect new music from the band next year, too.

“It’s going to come out at some point before our tour starts”, says Neil, “We’re hoping an early spring kind of thing.”

Before they say farewell, Motley Crue will have a 12-show residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in February, to which Neil describes, “Just think of hell, what would happen in hell.”



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