Bruce Springsteen Admits Women’s Breasts Were Musical Inspiration

In an interview with 60 Minutes Australia, Bruce Springsteen described his early musical influences, rise to fame, and political and social impact.

It begins with the Boss describing growing up in a strict Catholic household in 1950s New Jersey to watching Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan Show. Then, Bruce spoke of another driving force to become a musician – women’s breasts.

“There was an element of musical appreciation on the Italian side of the family, that came to life in the summertime. If there was a beach house, and a little 45 player, the rug went out, the teenagers came over,” said Springsteen.

He continued, ” I was only nine, but I was watching. There’s women coming over tonight with breasts, they will be over, and they will be bringing their breasts with them. And I am nine, but I will sit on this chair, and watched and watched, and envied and envied.”

Also during the interview, Springsteen says that he wanted “a piece of that freedom, of that sexually energy” that resonated from Elvis Presley. You can watch the full interview on YouTube.

Bruce will tour Australia and New Zealand in 2014, with dates February 7 in Perth. See Slats’ pictures of the recent Bruce Springsteen concert in Kilkenny, Ireland during his vacation HERE.


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